Has anyone ever survived the electric chair?

There has been a survivor his name was Willie Francis, he was 17 when he got the sentence death by electric chair. He was charged with the murder of a local Cajun pharmacist. When he surprisingly survived the electric chair he was told that in 6 days the state would try to kill him again. Rumor is that he was not killed because the executioners had been liquored up and strapped him in wrong. “About The execution of Willie Francis”

North Carolina has had 165 people on death row from 1910 to 1938. The electric chair was used alot more back then than they use it today.




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12 thoughts on “Has anyone ever survived the electric chair?

  1. Joey,

    That is interesting… Is it true that in todays time if someone doesnt die when they are in the chair they cannot try to kill them again?

  2. Mrs. Melton I dont think someone could survive today because prisons are alot more controled and today cops dont come in a little drunk before killing someone on the eletric chair. So I dont think it could happen in these days.

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  4. I agree with joey because now you dont ever harldy hear about someone surviving anythink like that

  5. another thing is I can hardly believe a 17 year old got sent to the electric chair to die!!

  6. cool…you should have put like a video or sumthin’ on here…you wrote about something different so good job

  7. I wonder how many people have survived that? and thats a great topic, very cool.

  8. JOEY!, i thought your blog was really interesting i dont know anyone could servive the electric chair.

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